What You Need to Know About Life Settlements 

Your life insurance policy is a financial asset. Like any other asset, it needs to be managed to maximize its value and achieve your financial goals.

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Similar to your car or savings account, your life insurance policy is an asset that has financial value. That means you can sell your policy now if you no longer need it or if your financial circumstances have changed. The sale of your policy is called a Life Settlement, and has grown in popularity as policyholders become more informed about their options.

The Life Settlement concept was born in the 1980s and is now a mature and highly regulated industry, subject to the oversight of government agencies. In the decades since Life Settlements became commonplace, many thousands of people have realized the benefits of selling their life insurance policies in exchange for an immediate influx of cash.

Your life insurance has intrinsic value, maybe much more than you think, and you're the one who decides when it’s time to sell it.

Why do people sell their life insurance policies?


  • Tired of expensive premiums
  • Beneficiaries now financially secure
  • Need money for new priorities like retirement or healthcare

You too can sell
your life insurance policy today.

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Get the FREE Guide to Life Settlements

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